Project Management

Its all about management. You might have the right tools or even the right men. However, without the right people to oversee the work, you might as well get your car to fly. The thing is, project management isn’t just overseeing, but it is to mobilise men, making sure everyone is safe and of course, getting the job right on time. Having over 25 years of experience, we have seen our fair share of problems but, correcting them one by one and polishing it at every step of the way. We too have the technical know-how as well as the proper certification to manage the men in our care.


Controlling a team and leading a group are two very different processes. However, we see to it both that we get it right. By moving logistics, manpower and different companies to get the job done within budget is by no means an easy task, but we overcome them all. At L-Pine Design, we see to it that all our men and women are well-taken care off as well as properly trained to get whatever job that you have provided for us.

Organising and Execution

Having to coordinate with multiple companies as well as their manpower is tough. However, as usual, we get it done. We will mobilise our resources to accomplish the task once the blueprint has been set. Being productive and efficient is our goal and yet, we do it with elegance.

You might have the design in mind as well as the resources, but you need us to manage them for you. Project Management is a skill that we have taught ourselves for a long time and the team here at L-Pine Design is proud to have accomplished so much with what little resources that we have.

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