Interior Architecture

Planning & Design

A room is just a room if not for proper planning and design. It’s not just a simple space but a place to captivates one’s mind and allows ‘breathability’ to your environment. A detailed, intricate and breathtaking interior brings life to a once empty area. This is where we step in. To not just create a place to work or live, but to open one’s mind to absorb the light and sounds around you. To beautify as well as to captivate your mind and in essence, making it free. Here at L-Pine Design, we take careful planning and consideration to design that empty space into something that you feel most comfortable.


Orientation plays a big part in interior architecture. From the arrangement of objects to the placement of carpentry. It affects the ambience around you. The number of lamps, the position of your couch and the angle which the windows faces thoroughly affects the ambience of a room. We carefully examine the area of a space and transform it that every object in the room fits perfectly.

Colours & Textures

Colours brighten, colours are solemn. Textures carry touch and depth. A concoction of these two things transforms your emotions. There are thousands, if not millions of colours for you to explore. With an extensive set of colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This is not just for the homeowners, but the office dewlers as well. The correct mixture brings up an ambience which just as well increases happiness but also efficiency.

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