Design and Build

Design and build is essentially a bid to “design” and to “build” (as its name entails) a structure whereas the tender winner does both the designing of the area/structure and the building of it. In which, there are sub-contractors involved to render their services as a “helping” hand towards the completion of the project.


Design in its essence is subjective. Just like a tailor-made suit, there’s no “one-size” fits all function built into it. We understand that. That is why the consultation stage is one of the most important parts of the process. We do not just sit and listen to all the jargon but rather, engage our clients to tell their own story. In which, we are the artist who paints it onto a blank canvas. During the consultation process, we support and propose new designs and ideas to you every step of the way. Thus, creating a polished design that is special to you.

Project Design

Having accomplished many projects over the past 25 years, we put detail and efficiency at the forefront of our work ethics. You can rest assured that whatever you have placed in our hands will be handed back to you in a perfect manner. No matter the obstacles that might crop up in a project; yes that’s right, we will overcome it.

Getting things done on time, within budget and being adaptable to the situation is common to us. What is most important is to create a wonderful relationship with you, that is when ideas sprout and amazing design unfolds.


Nothing just ends with a bang. Placing a big sculpture without fanfare and festivities just doesn’t add up. That’s why we follow up with you to understand better about the project process as well as the overall feel and ambience of the redesigned place. Giving you time and space to evaluate and change minor parts to make it even more perfect.

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