Custom Furniture

Not one object in this world is meant for the entire human population. Perhaps there is a design of a furniture you’d admire for a long time or maybe due to the nature of your place, custom furnishing is required. Loose furniture to fixed ones, we scrutinise every design from the blueprint down to the manufacturing process. It is our mission to make that piece of furniture uniquely yours and nothing less. Whats more? You can either give us a sketch that you have in mind, explain to us how you want it to be or even let our designers do the work and propose to you sleek designs for you to choose from.

Just the Furniture?

Always wondered if you could just walk home with the piece of furniture instead? L-Pine Design is right here for you. Let us know what you need and we will be on our way designing and manufacture the product for you.

Shapes & Sizes

For every custom furniture, it comes in different shapes and sizes. Our team is ready to take on whatever design comes into our play. We have a team of designers and engineers for you to consult with. Even better, they are there throughout the process to create your custom furniture. So, put your worries aside and let us know what you need.

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