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It is not just about clinching that deal or creating the most beautiful design. Having to come to work every day that is both fulfilling and engaging, is what that truly matters.

At L-Pine Design, we are committed to inspire and create an environment filled with camaraderie and professionalism. Yes, we are still growing but come on board and grow with us. We believe that the lifeblood of the company is its employees, and we strive to achieve that goal. Make that change today and who knows, perhaps you could be the one that leads us forward.

Human Resource Manager

A caring individual with the people at heart. Taking care of leaves, welfare, employee's feedback and claims are just some of the processes involved.

Finance Executive

Numbers are everything. A Financial Executive allows the company to run its operations daily. Plan the budget, P&L statements, Audit and transactions.

Interior Designer

Creativity, Inspiration, Leadership, and Openness. ID's aren't just designers, they are innovators and leaders. Bring your design to reality and see that you actually make an impact on others.

Marketing Executive

Keyboard warrior and an amazing talent of attraction. Marketing Executives are responsible for On-Site Optimization, Off-Site Optimization, SEO, SEM, Company Marketing Collaterals, and Social Media Marketing.

Project Manager / Coordinator

Lead with strength. Project Managers/Coordinators are those who oversee with an iron fist. At the site or in the office, these people take charge of security, safety, and completion of projects. A daunting task, but these people are built for it.


We provide Interns an opportunity to learn and to put their knowledge into practical skills. Interns will have the responsibility to engage clients, projects and much more.


Engineers are the cornerstone of L-Pine Design. From testing, prototyping, and consulting, engineers allow us to design projects and products with quality.

Sales Executive

Professionals of conversations. It is about relationships. Engaging a client is never easy, this is where the Sales Executives come in. They handle clients, transactions, orders, and requests. Just like the wolf of wall street, accept more Singaporean.

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